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What will happen on the day of my driving test ?

On the day of your test your driving instructor from Students Driving School will normally pick you up from either your home, work or college. The usual procedure from driving schools and driving instructors is for you to have a two hour lesson with the first hour being a final practice session followed by the second hour taking your test which will last about 40 to 45 minutes followed by dropping you off at home, work or college again.

There is nothing to worry about so do not panic

Some people are understandably nervous about taking a test but there is nothing to worry about, treat your driving test just as just continuation of your driving lessons but with another person giving you route directions. About five minutes before the time of your test you and your driving instructor will go and wait in the waiting room at the test centre, then at the time of your test your examiner will come into the waiting room and ask for you by name, you will need to sign a declaration and show your driving licence to your examiner who will then ask you if you would like your driving instructor to accompany you on test, this decision is entirely yours. After going outside you will be asked to read a number plate of another vehicle parked about 25 paces away. You will then be asked one 'tell-me' safety question about your car, this is often referred to as the tell-me part of the test, then later on during your test and while driving your examiner will ask you a 'show-me' question, this can be something quite simple like being asked to lower and then close your examiners window. Your driving instructor from Students Driving School will go through all the various questions with you. All the driving instructors at Student Driving School have tell-me, show-me printouts.


Tell Me / Show Me

Once you've answered the 'tell-me' question you will be asked to get in the car and the examiner will briefly explain the procedure of the test before asking you to get ready and start the engine. Make all necessary cockpit adjustments and safety checks and then start the engine. Move away from the parking bay slowly and safely but remember that other learner drivers from other driving schools may be moving off at the same time as you, so make eye contact and make a safe decision. Once you get out on the road keep calm and read the road well ahead, use the MSM/PSL procedures and all the safe moves as you drive along. Remember that safety is your main objective, if you are in doubt about something then it's normally better to hold back. At some time during the test you will be asked a 'show-me' question, an example of this could be for you to show the examiner how you would wash your front windscreen etc. During your test if you feel that you've made a mistake then just try and correct it and then concentrate on your next move, an example of this could be that say you were moving off from the side of the road and you stall the engine, the safest bet would be to very quickly apply the footbrake so that you stop the car from rolling, then apply the handbrake and put the gear lever into neutral before starting the engine again. You need to realise what caused the stall in the first place and then what you need to do to prevent it from happening again. Then just get on with your test and don't dwell on the previous fault.

Your examiner will give you route directions and also from time to time ask you to pull up at the side of the road, remember that its up to you to find a safe place to park, always look for the safest place to stop and just because the examiner asks you to pull up doesn't necessarily mean that you've got to pull up within the next 5 metres. After stopping in a safe place your examiner may just want you to drive on again, or maybe perform one of the control exercises. You will be asked to perform a single manoeuvre from the following list.

  • Pull up on the opposite side of the road and reverse back two car lengths .
  • Drive forward into a parking bay and then reverse out of it safely.
  • A reverse around a parked vehicle on the left known as a parallel park.
  • A reverse into a parking bay.
  • You could also be asked to perform a controlled stop although this exercise is not tested on every driving test.

Independent Driving / Sat Nav

At some point during your driving test your examiner will explain about the independent driving element of the test. This part of the test will last about 20 minutes and will involve you having to navigate your own way around the route by receiving the directions either from a satellite navigation device or direct from the examiner asking you to follow a series of directions or road signs. You will not normally be given any other directions from your examiner during this 20 minutes, however if you need to ask your examiner to repeat the directions again you may do so. Whilst following the directions from the Sat-Nav you will also be expected to drive correctly and safely using the MSM/PSL routines as well as giving clear signals, choosing the correct lanes, driving at appropriate speeds and not making any serious or dangerous errors.

At the end of your driving test your examiner will ask you to switch off the engine and then you will get the result. If you have drove the car in the same way as you did on your driving lessons then you should pass quite easily, however if you've made any serious or dangerous errors or accumulated more than 15 driving errors then you will have failed your driving test. The driving examiner will offer you a debrief and your driving instructor may listen to this debrief if you wish.

This is how

it feels when you


Driving Examiners are very good at putting pupils at ease, most people come back from a driving test and say that the examiner was very nice. Some of the local driving examiners started their careers as driving instructors and therefore they have a good understanding of how you feel on the day of your test.

Whilst having driving lessons with Students Driving School your instructor will familiarise you with the local test routes. On every driving lesson they will try and help you to get used to the main test routes that are used by the examiners from your local test centre.

The driving instructors at Student Driving Schools regularly cover the test centres at Preston, Blackpool, Blackburn, Chorley, Heysham and Southport.

After passing your driving test why not book a Pass Plus Course with your driving instructor.

Local DVSA Test Centres

Preston Test Centre

Chain Caul Road
Preston, PR2 2PD

Blackpool Test Centre

Currently at a temporary location

Blackburn Test Centre

Commercial Road
Off Junction 4 M65
Blackburn, BB3 0DB

Chorley Test Centre

Rossall Road
Lancashire, PR6 0BT

Heysham Test Centre

Penrod Way
Heysham, LA3 2UZ is a branch of Preston Driving School Ltd.© kuApps 2000 - 2024

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