Just a few simple terms and conditions

The school and their instructors
Students Driving School is a branch of Preston Driving School Ltd. We operate with a team of self-employed driving instructors supplying driving tuition from their own vehicles. The school introduces pupils to the instructors and after that initial introduction and the subsequent booking all the contracts for the provision of your driving lessons and driving tests are made between you the pupil and your individual driving instructor. 


Your driving instructors responsibility
Your driving instructor will always make every effort to start your driving lesson on time, however sometimes this may not be possible due to situations that he/she can not control such as traffic holdups, vehicle breakdowns, weather conditions etc, this may mean that he/she may need to occasionally rearrange or cancel the lesson at short notice. Your driving instructor does have the right to withhold the use of the car for the driving test, although this is very rare it is actually necessary due to the safety of yourself, the examiner and other road users. Your driving instructor cannot be held responsible for any cancellations of driving tests due to the postponement of a driving test by the DVSA.


Cancellation of driving lessons

We would very much appreciate it if you could understand the way driving instructors earn an income. In the UK most driving instructors are self employed and therefore their income is primarily made up by conducting driving lessons to pupils. Your instructor pays a fee to the driving school for all lessons that are booked in their diary. When a pupil books a lesson and then subsequently cancels this lesson your instructor suffers financially, for example, your instructor earns no income during this time and is left out of pocket due to the fee they have to pay to the school, they are also left with quite a large gap in their diary and have to sit around for quite a long time before their next lesson. 

Please note Students Driving Schools advice to their driving instructors is that they have the right to charge their pupil a fee for cancelling driving lessons at a rate of £10 per hour for each hour cancelled. Any cancelled lesson charge is at the discretion of the driving instructor and is part of the contract between the driving instructor and you the pupil and not between Students Driving School.


Driving test day
Your responsibility is to make sure you have given your driving instructor the correct details of your test, the correct date, time and test centre, you are also responsible in making sure you take your valid driving licence with you on test. On the day of your driving test your driving instructor will normally arrange a two hour lesson which represents time before the test for practice, the test itself and the return home from the test centre. The fee payable will represent the two hours which includes the practice period and the use of the car on test. 


Payment for driving lessons

Students Driving School are not responsible for any payments made to the driving instructor or for any advance payments arranged and paid to the instructor as payment for block bookings. All driving lessons can be paid in cash direct with your driving instructor. Any payments made by cheque are at the discretion of the instructor. 



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