Intensive Driving Courses

Students Driving School driving instructors can help you pass over a much quicker period by arranging your training as an intensive quick pass course spread between 2 to 6 weeks

Maybe you don't have time to spend months learning how to drive.

Or it could be that you have a job lined up and need to learn quickly.

If thats the case then a Quick-Pass course may be just perfect for you.

You might be a beginner or maybe you've already taken quite a few lessons, or you may have even taken a driving test before. Whatever your level of experience our driving instructors in Preston will give you good sound advice as to what is the best way for you to learn to drive in the shortest time possible.

Please Note:
Unfortunately intensive driving courses are not always suitable for everyone. Some people may wish to learn to drive quickly but they might not have the necessary aptitude to develop the skills required over such a short period. Therefore so that our instructor can determine what is the best way for you to learn to drive it is necessary for you to book a two hour assessment lesson. 

The assessment will determine 3 very important points.

1. Are you a suitable pupil to learn to drive on an intensive course.

2. The number of hours required to get you up to the test standard.

3. Do your times available match up to that of your instructors times.

Stop Worrying !! 

One way or another we can teach you to drive in the shortest time possible for you


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