Automatic Driving Lessons

In Your Local Area

Some pupils may have already taken a few lessons in a manual car and found the clutch and gears very difficult to handle, or maybe you might have some sort of disability that makes it impossible to learn in a manual car. 

Driving is so much easier in an automatic car

It could not be easier..

D = Drive

P = Park

R = Reverse  

  How it used to be...
Years ago it was not very popular to learn in an automatic car because there was a shortage of automatic cars to choose from. Automatic cars tended to be more expensive to buy and run, including fuel consumption, more expensive insurance premiums and more expensive to service and repair.

Why Learn In An Auto ?
Learning to drive in an automatic car is a lot easier than learning in a manual because you don't have to learn how to control a clutch or learn the art of gear changing. This may mean that you can reach the driving test standard much sooner.

How it is today...
The good news is that learning to drive in an automatic car nowadays is very popular because all the major car manufacturers now offer an excellent range of affordable cars to buy. Also fuel consumption, service costs, insurance premiums are now very similar to manual cars.