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We have a fantastic team of male and female driving instructors in the Preston, Blackpool and Blackburn areas conducting driving lessons and intensive driving courses. Our driving instructors will help you with every stage of learning to drive, they are all friendly and easy going, they can pick you up from either your Home, Work, College or University


Most pupils arrange their driving lessons as either one or two hours per week, however some people may wish to learn over a much quicker period, this type of learning is often referred to as an intensive course or quick pass course, this usually means just getting a lot more training in over a period of up to about six weeks.

The best way forward is to arrange a 'Two Hour Assessment Lesson' where you could receive your first hour as a £10 Trial Hour and the second hour priced at our normal rate. Your driving instructor will conduct a normal driving lesson with you which will give him/her the chance to assess your current skills and then discuss the various training options with you. On this assessment lesson it will also give you the opportunity to assess us as a driving school including your driving instructor and their training car. If you are not satisfied in anyway please call us immediately so that we can sort things out.



We've noticed on the websites of some of the other driving schools in Preston, Blackpool and Blackburn that they sometimes state an exact number of hours that you will need to take on their driving courses before taking your driving test. This advice should only be taken as a rough guide because it is not always possible for any of the driving schools or their driving instructors to accurately predict an exact number of hours that you should take before you pass your driving test, for example some pupils improve rapidly after only a few hours of training, whereas other pupils can struggle with certain aspects of learning to drive.


It's Really Easy

If I Can Do It

Then You Can Do It

Remember that when learning to drive the most important thing is for you to become a very safe driver, passing your test first time is just a natural progression of you becoming that safe driver. After passing your driving test you can improve your skills even further and possibly get a reduced car insurance by taking a Pass-Plus Course. This course is not compulsory but it is recommended by both Students Driving School and the DVSA.

Driving Tip

Whilst waiting at traffic lights don't just stare at your red light, you can often anticipate a change of colour by observing what colour other traffic flows are on.

Also check your door mirrors to see if any cyclists or motorbikes are sneaking up on you

Driving Tip

Approaching a right hand bend check your mirrors and adjust your speed and gear if necessary.

Keep well over to the left to help you see further round the bend, this also keeps you away from any oncoming traffic.

Driving Tip

When driving up a side road and approaching an unmarked crossroad never assume that you have the priority, check mirrors and if necessary slow down and be prepared to give way.


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